Public Records Request

Public Records Request

Procedure for Public Records Request Under California Public Records Act

The City Clerk, acting as Official Custodian of Records for the City of Indian Wells, coordinates all public records requests.

When a review of City records is necessary, before copies may be provided, a written request must be submitted to the City Clerk. The request should specify which records are being requested for review and/or duplication, pursuant to the California Public Records Act, Government Code Sections 6250-6257.

The City Clerk's request form is intended for standard records requests that are easily and quickly accessed due to their specific nature, i.e., Resolutions, Minutes, agendized staff reports, etc.

The standard request form is available through the City Clerk's office, at all the public counters at City Hall.

Records requested under the provisions of the Public Records Act may require staff's careful examination to ensure that the documentation provided is complete.

Once the written request has been received, the California Public Records Act allows a period of ten (10) working days for the city to determine whether the request seeks disclosable records in the possession of the City (subject to an extension of not more that 14 days for good cause).

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