November 8, 2016 Election Results

The Registrar of Voters has posted the following results (12/11/2016 update) for 3 Council seats:  

    Ted J. Mertens - 1,242  28%

    Ty Peabody - 1,222  27%

    Kimberly Muzik - 1,074  24%

    Douglas Hanson - 948  21% 

Measures on November Ballot

Measure H - CV Link

Yes - 1,215  68%
No - 564  32%

Measure GG - TOT (1% hotel tax increase) needed super-majority of 66% to pass

Yes - 1,075 59%
No - 736 41%

Candidate Information

City of Indian Wells:
Instructions for candidates
Candidate's checklist
Resolution calling election
Nomination procedures
Political Activities Policy at IW Golf Resort
Political sign regulations
Past election results

Registrar of Voters:
Services to candidates
Campaign practices
Incompatible office
Election calendar for candidates
Vote by Mail ballots
Voter registration information
Application to purchase registration information - Return to City Clerk or Registrars Office 
Polling information
Candidate's statement information
Information on Ballot Designation Worksheet
Secretary of State Ballot Designation Regulations

Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC):
FPPC Local Candidate Manual No. 2
FPPC campaign filing deadlines
FPPC campaign filing documents (Forms 501, 410, 460, 470, 497)
FPPC Form 700
FPPC advertising requirements and restrictions
FPPC candidate toolkit - getting started
FPPC fact sheets
Recent changes to the Political Reform Act

League of California Cities:

A Guide to the Ralph M. Brown Act

Important Websites

Ted J. Mertens - 1,242  28%