Indian Wells Golf Resort Course Updates

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and start off a new tradition by co-authoring a monthly article about updates and happenings out on the golf courses. 2018 was a wonderful year at the IW Golf Resort. We made some tremendous strides in the sustainability of the courses and this will continue into this New Year.


Players Course:

Last year we undertook a venture that some may have considered a bit risky. We decided to forego over-seeding the roughs on the Players Course. This would change the look of the course as the rough would be gold in color, while the short grass areas would be a vibrant green. This was done for a number of reasons in the short term, but our main objective was to be good stewards of the land and make the course sustainable in the future. While there are savings involved, the major thrust was water conservation and focus in the "native" areas, and in the barrancas on the Players Course. The Players Course has many areas where fescue and pampas type grasses were growing. This gave the course a native look; unfortunately, these grasses aren’t native to our area and started to overtake the landscape.  We are in the process of removing those grasses, replacing them with desert plants and installing drip irrigation. We will also be mulching the areas to give them a rich dark look which would accentuate the green turf areas. Not only will this change the look, but it will better the  playability of the courses, and help the sustainability in the future.  


Celebrity Course:

The look of the Celebrity Course has remained rich and lush in flowers and plant life over the years, and this year is no different. The only major change this year to previous years is that we delayed the seeding in the wildflower beds. These areas can be challenging from a maintenance perspective, as weeds have a tendency to infiltrate the grow-in of the wildflowers. By delaying the seeding process, we hoped to limit weed growth by waiting until the temperatures dropped a bit. Due to this fact, the bloom of wildflowers will be a little later than in previous years, but the look in prime season should be fantastic. We know the importance of the colorful look on the Celebrity Course, and we hope to make it even better in 2019.


Tune in next month for some more IWGR tidbits, and remember…fairways and greens! Happy New Year to all!