Indian Wells Golf Resort February Course Updates

February is upon us and the golfing season is in full stride. We have some new rules for the game of golf and some of them are still challenging to get used to. If you happened to watch some of the latest PGA Tour events, you saw them in full effect. 


The Players Course will be hosting the annual IWGR Pro Am the first week of February where 30+ local PGA Professionals and guests will battle the challenging Players Course. This allows us to showcase the non over seeded roughs and enhanced landscape areas, all the while focusing on the remarkable playing conditions. This is a great opportunity for both Joe and Jonas to display our wonderful facility and course to our peers and guests alike.


The Celebrity Course is in seasonal form. The course is playing perfectly, and we are beginning to see some color splashes starting to appear in the wild flower areas. The wildflower bloom will be a little later than normal, as we purposely seeded those areas later to reduce weeds. With the rain and weather we have been having, we are expecting some amazing colors and flowers in those areas very shortly.


Did you know that the total number of sand traps on both golf courses is 179, with 102 on Celebrity and 77 on Players? Can you name the only hole that doesn’t have a single sand trap? We do have a few sand trap targets on the driving range and one practice sand trap near the back of the range.


Tune in next month for some more IWGR tidbits, and remember…fairways and greens!!