Vacation Home Checks

Are you leaving town for the summer or have a vacation planned? Before you leave, be sure to register in person at City Hall for a free Vacation Home Check. You can also take a proactive role in preventing crime by implementing the following:

Stop mail and newspaper delivery and have someone you trust check for unscheduled deliveries.

Ensure your garage door is closed and any cars that must be left outside are locked.

Place valuables in a safe location, lock all doors and windows, set burglar alarm and place shims in trackways.

Keep your lawn, shrubbery and/or desertscape trimmed to avoid signaling your absence.

Install motion-activated lights throughout the exterior of your home, and put interior lights on timers to simulate that someone is home.

Let your neighbors know that you are away so they can call 911 or the Sheriff's Department non-emergency number at 760-836-3215 if they see or hear anything suspicious or unusual.