Indian Wells Golf Resort June Course Updates

As our season in the desert winds down and summer approaches, we can expect a few changes in climate, as well as our playing surfaces at Indian Wells Golf Resort. As the temperatures begin to increase, we’ll also start to see a transition of our turf grass from a winter rye to a summer Bermuda. Bermuda can provide an excellent playing surface, but it requires very warm temperatures to thrive. It also is a grass that produces a lot of organic matter in the soils and thus the reason we choose to aerate during the summer months. The golf maintenance team schedules work to be completed over the next 2-3 months. It allows our team to do their regularly scheduled projects, but also undertake some new ones as well. 

This year, we will begin our summer maintenance program on Monday, June 24th with the closure of the Players Course. The course will be closed for 25 days and will re-open on Friday, July 19th. Once closed, we will begin to aerate the tees, rough, fairways and greens.  When the course reopens, the playing conditions should be wonderful.  On Monday, July 22nd, we will close the Celebrity Course and begin the same process. The Celebrity Course will reopen On Friday, August 23rd, and we should expect similar results.

During the summer, it also gives us a chance to work on projects that will improve the facility and help make it more sustainable in the future. This year on the Players Course, the focus will be on the native areas and the barrancas.  We have already begun this process, but the summer really allows us to be more productive, as the course will be more accessible during a large portion of the summer. We’ll also look at squaring up some of the tee complexes, trimming a lot of bushes and work on leveling some areas around sand traps and general rough areas that get compromised due to gophers and ground squirrels.

On the Celebrity Course, we will be working on improving areas around certain tees and greens.  Some of the greens and tees have shrunk over the years, and moving them back to their intended positions is something that needs to be done from time to time. During the summer, we will have some work done on the lakes with the removal of cattails and the cleaning of the streams and waterfall features, and we will focus on general cleaning and maintenance to the lake bottoms.

Around the driving range and putting course, there will be small projects going on as well. Extending some of the putting course greens and re-contouring some of them will provide us an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of the putting experience. We have plans to work on some target greens, some of the sand traps, as well as the main tees to improve the quality up there. New drainage and sprinklers could be part of the plan and some aggressive leveling in many areas will prove to be extremely important and valuable.

Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the summer, get a chance to take a vacation away from the heat, and return in the fall for another amazing season at Indian Wells Golf Resort.