Public Works End of Summer Roundup

The City of Indian Wells Public Works Department has had an eventful summer season, with lots of improvements. Read more on some highlights from this past summer:

Garden and Flower Improvements:

    • The garden wall along the north-east side of City Hall was removed. Modifications to the two existing planter walls will be made, connecting the walls together. Improvements are in conjunction with the civic center painting project. 
    • All flowers throughout the City were removed the second week of October and were replaced in the following weeks. 

Tree Maintenance:

    • Citywide tree trimming concluded at the end of May. 
    • Several trees along the Highway 111 parkway east of Manitou Dr. to Mountain Cove were removed due to poor health and potential safety hazard on Saturday, May 25.

Road Updates: 

    • Annual palm tree trimming along Highway 111 in the landscape medians was completed.
    • Staff grouted the base of traffic signal poles located at the intersection of Highway 111 and Eldorado Drive. 
    • All mowing was suspended for two weeks to support the reseeding efforts on the southeast corner of Cook Street and Highway 111. Mowing resumed the week of September 16. 


    • Two irrigation mainline leaks were discovered along Highway 111 near the Carl Bray Monument. Repairs were completed. A broken irrigation valve was repaired in the median along Rancho Palmeras Dr. The valve caused minor flooding in the landscaped median. 
    • Valves and irrigation heads in the Whitewater Channel were replaced due to recent storm damage from Fred Waring Drive to east of Eldorado Drive.
    • Replacement of valves and irrigation heads in the Whitewater Channel due to the storm damage required two irrigation cannon footings to be installed. Staff completed the concrete pour and installations. 
    • To help with poor irrigation and tattered material, repairs commenced along the southside parkway of Highway 111, east of Manitou Drive to Mountain Cove Drive. The project was completed at the end of September. 

Landscaping Improvements

    • Landscaping along Eldorado Drive between Highway 111 and Altamira Drive received new shrubs and ground cover. Additionally, irrigation was repaired, and existing tree stumps removed.
    • To help retain moisture and reduce weeds, mulch was installed in the parkway areas along the southside of Hwy 111 from Indian Wells Lane to Mountain Cove Drive. Services were a joint effort between staff and the City’s landscape maintenance vendor. Additionally, minor grading was completed along southside of Highway 111 west of Mountain Cove Drive to help with drainage issues from uneven ground. These areas began re-planting in late September due to temperature being more suitable for plant growth. 

Sinkhole Maintenance:

    • A sinkhole was repaired at the intersection of Warner Trail and Evening Circle. A soils investigation into the cause of the sinkhole along the length of Warner Trail was completed.  The report identified areas along Warner Trail between Evening Star Circle and Blackfoot Drive that will require additional repairs. Staff is in the process of determining the full scope of the project to budget for the repair.

Water Damage Maintenance:

    • Damage was reported on the west water fountain at Indian Wells Lane including broken glass from the structure. Staff worked to complete repairs.
    • Staff identified a water leak on Cholame Way. The Coachella Valley Water District was notified immediately. The cause of the leak was a broken water main which was repaired. 

ADA Curb Ramp Replacements.

    • ADA Curb Ramp Replacements project was completed June 28. Crosswalk striping occurred Wednesday, June 19 during the night to avoid traffic impacts. Striping was also completed in the turn lane arrows at the intersection of Highway 111 and Province Way (north-east corner) and existing crosswalk at Southwest Church entrance east of Washington Street. This work was done concurrent with ADA Curb Ramp Replacements Project. 

Pothole Maintenance: 

    • A pothole was repaired at the intersection of Warner Trail and Fred Waring Drive. 

Drain Repairs:

    • All three of the affected side drains from the February storm event at the Whitewater Channel have been repaired.
    • The side drains on westbound Fred Waring at the Whitewater Channel have been repaired and this portion of the Valentine’s Day storm repair is complete. 

Date Palm Transplanting: 

    • Date Palm transplanting took  place from Wednesday, August 7 through Friday August 9 on the medians located at Osage Trail, Eldorado Drive and Miles Avenue.